Category: Tennessee

The Long Dog of Surgoinsville

In the first half of the nineteenth century, traveling through the mountainous regions of East Tennessee was fraught with danger. Pioneers had to contend with unpredictable weather, hostile Indians, and seemingly impassable...

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The Ghost of Fiddler’s Rock

Hundreds of legends have been generated by unusual geological formations. A good case in point is New England’s Great Stone Face. Lovers’ Leaps can be found throughout the entire country. In a remote part of Johnson County, a...

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The Old Stone House

Old, abandoned houses are the most ideal settings for ghost stories. A close second, however, is bizarre-looking houses with odd inhabitants. Such is the case of the Old Stone House in Alcoa, Tennessee. The Old Stone House was...

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Lydia’s Ghost

The Greenbrier Restaurant is one of Gatlinburg’s most popular eateries. The main log structure of the restaurant was built in 1939. At this time, it was known as the Greenbrier Restaurant. The owner, Mr. Blanche Moffett, served...

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The UFO’s of Oak Ridge

The creation of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, was predicted by John Hendrix (1865-1917) forty years before the founding of the city. In 1942, Major General Leslie Groves chose the rural site as the location for developing materials for...

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Black Aggie

When the Scotch-Irish immigrated to the American south in the early 19th century, they brought along with them stories of ghosts and witches from their homeland. One of these legends that Scottish grandparents told their...

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