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The Legends of Long Island

Long Island, Tennessee, is a far cry from its much more famous counterpart, Long Island, New York. Long Island, Tennessee, which is a four-mile-long, half-mile-wide island in the Holston River, was sacred to the Cherokee...

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Watauga River Bridge

From a historical viewpoint, Elizabethton is one of the most fascinating small towns in Tennessee. Originally called the Watauga Settlement at Sycamore Shoals, it was the first permanent settlement outside of the original...

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The Long Dog of Surgoinsville

In the first half of the nineteenth century, traveling through the mountainous regions of East Tennessee was fraught with danger. Pioneers had to contend with unpredictable weather, hostile Indians, and seemingly impassable...

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The Ghost of Fiddler’s Rock

Hundreds of legends have been generated by unusual geological formations. A good case in point is New England’s Great Stone Face. Lovers’ Leaps can be found throughout the entire country. In a remote part of Johnson County, a...

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The Old Stone House

Old, abandoned houses are the most ideal settings for ghost stories. A close second, however, is bizarre-looking houses with odd inhabitants. Such is the case of the Old Stone House in Alcoa, Tennessee. The Old Stone House was...

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